Monday, August 11, 2014

Slink Mid heels INSANITY!

Ok so I went a little bit nuts on the Slink heels recently.

And there are 44 new pairs available in the store!! Some HUD Driven some not.

August hunts in the store

This months hunts.. 

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Free 4th of July gifty for all you fellow Americans.
For guys theres these killer shorts/jams in 5 standard sizes of Mesh!! Great for hot weather!

Ladies how about this sexy Retro Swimsuit!! Complete with Vstring & Cherry Bomb Appliers
Find it here

Thursday, June 26, 2014

If you missed all the goodies I had out at the washs cart ale they are now in store..
But the boots are all up for this weekends 60L Secret sale!!! When the sales over the go up to full price!!!!

These cute tanks are fitted mesh!! In some cute retro dotty fabrics!!!

And my first SLink release!! some Mani/pedi packs for Slink nails. Each one contains 2 H.U.D's one for fingernails one for toenails.

Also A couple of new hunts!! For those with Mesh Breasts in the Dark Fantasy Hunt. I have A outfit called straps galore! Its unisex and can be worn 3 different ways mixing and matching all the layer pieces. The photo has the full outfits but 2 other ways can be made also.

 And for those with SLink feet this hunt gift has the stocking appliers AND a fitted mesh corset. Yum. 

Monday, June 2, 2014

Updating some store stuff

Setting up the stuff from WGF in the store I realized I forgot to do Demos!! I am sooo sorry people why didnt anyone mention this to me?!?!

So I decided instead of the old way of just slapping the words DEMO over the texture and reuploading it.. ( Me being mizerly now!) lol

I decided to follow many hair makers that do the floating demo boxes over your head instead. One it cost me less in overall uploads, And gives you a unobstructed view of the items. While still being an annoying demo lol

So then I decided I might as well update how the demos are done.
Well now you have to go elsewhere to rezz the demo box and thats just damn annoying so I now have spiffy shopping bags with hold poses that unpack on wear or rezz. I Had already bought the hold poses for some upcomming clutch purses so I figured why not!!

And here is the demo flasher.. The outline goes between orange and green. 

Oh and I got my SLink developers Kit!!!!! 
New nails are comming and stockings and gloves!!!
People are asking me why? when everyone is comming out with fitted mesh full bodies..  And you know. I thought about it, Did some reading up on a few of these bodys and decided I was gonna still do it. 

Why? Well for one I am not ditching system layer clothing just because mesh is the *Latest* rage. Sure I adore mesh for somethings. 
But other things you just cant beat the System layers or good old flexis. You Just cant. And noone has figured out quite how to do system clothing on the new mesh bodys well without issues. 
So I will hold off on a full mesh body for now. 
And even if i did buy one Untill someone  can figure out how to make mine look like me. I will pass, Thats why i got bored with my petite. It just wasn't ME. 

And I cant wear my Hooves with mesh bodys yet. Tried a couple demos and they were no go. 
Although I found a awesome pair of hoof boots at the Dark style fair they arent as good as my full leg ones.  

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

SLink & tangos

I caved.. finally.  although I have been wearing the SLink hands/feet since I bought them. The breasts I have not.  And more confessions I didn't buy lolas tangos either. I got vString Revolutions Petites from Violet Studios.  They weren't on the marketplace when I checked but you can get them inworld.
See I WON'T lay out that kind of money without trying a demo. Call me picky, a penny pincher etc. And after a discussion online about the mesh breasts i went and tried a couple.
And decided the vString Revolutions Petites was for me. One they are the SMALLEST size that Violet offers. I am not into the monster boobs. But these were fitted mesh!! has 3 shapes in the pack, cute, melon and puffy, have a couple of piercings, for those unclothed times. Physics also. So they can bounce. lol
And the final seller for me. work with the tango appliers.
So yes start expecting to see some clothing with tango appliers. Possibly even the Petite items.

As for the hands/feet. I have applied for the kits for nails, though I might apply for shoes too. But right now all the full perm SLINK shoe kits are hella expensive and I don't make that much with my store to justify it. But if I can finally get over my fear of blender maybe I'll start making my own. And charging my own ungodly prices. lol

World Goth Day 2014

Its that time again!!
The World Goth Fair is going on till June 1st.
Great music events and shopping for charity!!

The SLurls:

What am I offering?

100% donation to SLF are 2 color versions of Estelle's Party Dress. after WGF all 4 colors will be released, but for the fair only the silver and teal are available. 20's style flapper dresses, with stockings, gloves and hats.

50% Donation to SLF is a stunning corset dress, 3 colors available and a fatpack!! In Fitted Mesh, with stockings. 

And the normal stuff. While not donating for charity still pretty.
Mellies Vintage Boots, unrigged mesh and resizable (will even go down to petite size!)

Next is a cute outfit, can be worn 2 ways, The top comes in fitted mesh AND the 5 standard sizes, and can be worn as a top or mini dress. 2 different alphas included. One is shorter so you can wear the matching panties, Then System layer leggings and stockings.

And last but not by any means least.. In fact I ADORE this outfit the most. And you'll see me in this one often!!

Wear a Dream. Loads of soft flowey fabric in this unusual looking outfit.
Perfect for spring/summer and oh so hot looking!!
The top is fitted mesh, the pants 5 standard sizes.