Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Freebies and other Resources for new players

Several times a day I hear on assorted group chats.. I have a friend who is new and needs  skin/shape/hair/shoes/clothes/AO etc. And each group has their own note card collections they pass around.  But heres my list of places I usually recommend.

Savoir Hair (Male & Female) many styles to pick from
Analog Dog (Female) Look for spheres on the beach
Black Maria  (Male & Female) Punk/Mowhawke styles
Vignette  (Female) assorted styles ALL are free!
Vanity Designs  (Female) Have a wall with some fatpacks free
Savoir Hair (Male & Female) many designers & styles
 Alli & Ali (Male & Female & Facial & Pubic hairs) Join the group its WORTH it, a couple freebies a week, they have several 1$L's on the marketplace, TONS of MM boards ALL Over the grid and you can get a master list at ANY store of all their MM Board sites and what hair is on them.

Darkerside (Female) Usually has a style or 2 and cheapies, MM board too.

Viginette In Her Shoes  (female) whole store is free
Duh!  (Male & Female) always several free & dollarbie pairs and even their full prices shoes are MAJORLY affordable.
Sole Sisters (Female) ALL WHITE pairs are a1$l

The Free Dove (Male & Female) wide variety
The Gnubie Store 
Enky's DollarStore
FabFree HeadQuarters (Male & Female) Wide variety including hair, clothes, shoes and more.

Dominion Gratis

For a more up to date list join the Fabulously Free in SL group and get the free and cheap AO's list from the notices!
Bright Corp  (Male & Female) this is the BEST AO HUD around ito me and I STILL use it. not only does it handle your avatar walk/run it comes ready with facial animations, a hug and other cool stuff. Only comes with a basic walk but its easy to customize and add to.
Oracul (Male & Female & Children) Often have a freebie or two around AND when your ready to buy animations to add to your AO this is the CHEAPEST Place to get them with good quality.

Cybernetic (Male & Female) 1$l skins
Vive9 (Female) The store itself is closed but you can still get the skins  here.
Frick (Female) Dont always have freebies but they do have a lucky board and upstairs they have skin/shape combos for 30$L
a piece of candy (Female) 2nd floor some clothing also
Beauty Avatar  (Male & Female) 10$L area skins/shapes/clothing

Gothic Clothing : Lapointe & Bastchild (Male & Female) has a HUGE selection of freebie/dollarbies both of clothing shoes & jewelry.
Gorean Freebie Market Silks, Armor, Midevil & Gor related
Grendels Children   Loads of FANTASY Avatars, skins & AO's often included.
Gothic & Ainime & Japaneese:  Barerose Have a large pile of freebie/dollarbies and their full price stuff is still SUPER reasonable. 140-200$l for FULL outfits of exceptional quality.
Barerose 10$ store wide variety of basic clothing items.
Swashbucklers Village Medevil stuff & MM boards and more scattered about the sim