Monday, January 14, 2013

Boa Skin Mesh Pumps

And last but not least a release for normal avatars.
These are mesh, they come with a color change H.U.D. that has 13 skin colors preset and 3 save slots, Able to match ANY solid color skin. Now only 9 colors will be sold in the store..  However any colors not sold in the store are going into the Lucky Dip, the MM board OR a special sale.

About as close as I get to valentines clothing, is today's releases,

All for Petites the Rose Dresses have loads of Lace and rose details, Sexy seamed stockings, matching wristletes with roses and teardrop Onyx that dangles over the hand, Matching Ankle Boots that also have rose detailing. In 4 vivid & stunning colors.

Next is a Elegant Pantsuit, Personally I prefer pants over dresses and EVERYONE seems to make gowns so I wanted something different.
So here is the Heartfelt Pantsuit with a Lovely Fur Bolera jacket, And Pearly straps that crisscross your back and a Faux Belt with Heart detailing.  Other colors of the Jacket are sold seperately, and are PERFECT to wear with gowns, dresses etc.

The Bourbon St 3 hunt starts in a few days. And We have a load of goodies out. I don't have photos of ALL Of them. But most. There are ALSO Petite versions included!!

TSG Sinners: Wrath hunt stated a few days ago The outfit is Unisex.