Monday, November 28, 2011

It's Beginning to look a lot like christmas!! (part 2)

New to the store!! W have GATCHAS!! 3 so far. One with Christmas stockings, one with collars, and one with a nice warm shawl/scarf.  Come check em out! More to come.

And under the tree, with 10 minute cycle, and set for MAXMIUM wildcards..
A Lucky present. Right now full of the Holiday ballet slippers and top hats!! And if you cant afford to buy gifts and don't mind camping. They ARE TRANS!!!

And I want some feedback here.. I dunno if i wanna give this away or sell her. I made the base bear MONTHS ago but SL messed up the perms on it. And I couldn't get them set right so they had to go back into my inventory.  But I pulled her back out and tore into her and I think I got her fixed now. lol.
shes made to be carried and has the carry the bear pose/script in her, but shes so damn cute she can be decoration too. So theres 2 prim versions. The lower 33 prim version and the more detailed 55 prim version.  In her holiday party dress with her  Santa cap and Elf shoes. I give you DOOMIEBEAR

It's Beginning to look a lot like christmas!!

Trying this again.. Blogger crashed on me. I guess cause I had a HUGE post. So I will break it up.

I have been a Busy little demoness lately. Decorating the store, Creating for hunts and the holiday season.  So here's your update.

Starting on the first of December we have 4 new hunts coming up.

Silver & Gold (Dec 1st -Jan 2nd)
A Very Scary Christmas   (Dec 1- Dec 31st)
Gothmas at Gaslight  (Dec 15th - Jan 15th)
Santas Sack Hunt  (Dec 10th - Jan 10th)

I will post photos on the 1st.

But the biggest event!! And one I have been busily building for..

I have loads of new stuffs for the holidays!! In holiday themes. Some not but MOST are Mod/Trans so you can buy gifts for your friends.. The Twisted Krissmuss for those not familiar with it. Is NOT A HUNT.. Its a SHOPPING TOUR. 
You can get lists/LM's to stores offering QUALITY gifts for 100L$ each. And in our case some are LESS! 

We have some booths at a couple of Holiday Markets. Each one has a different assortment of my holiday goods, And gifts. 

ATM the only freebie/gift I have done is available ONLY at the markets..
Skull & Crossbones Shapped candy adorn these frosted Christmas Cookies. Cute and bit Creepy both. lol