Monday, May 31, 2010

Groovy even more!

I just LOVE these!

Groovy Love Neko Gift

One for the neko ladys out there :)

Groovy Love Hunt starts on the 5th!!

Wee another hunt starts on the fithyea yea I know I am addicted to hunts but how else is a demoness gonna get cheap advertising. lol

This time there are 3 gifts for this hunt. One for the Men gift 
One for women and one for neko women.

Plus a peace sign necklass (Not shown)


Marsha over at SLGoth notecarded me the other day about an ad in the upcomming SLGoth magazine. And I decided to toss in a freebie for subscribers :)

Theres now a SLGoth kisock at the store so you can get your own copy of SLGoth easily. Also their link is to the right of the page.

Free Earrings!

And since SL didnt deliver the sculpty maps I bought I give to you a freebie today of
Ruby Rounds Earrings. Now theres a catch to getting these earrings.. you have to find them!!
LOL the stores not big so it shouldnt be to hard.
Ok so I just now realized that I forgot to post last weeks notecard on here. lol
I am sorry and will remedy that one now :)
Rainy weather inspired some jewelry !