Thursday, December 30, 2010

Slowly Joining the Marketplace

I am also slowly getting things added to the Marketplace and I'm quite encouraged as I no more then had 4 pairs of boots & 4 cloaks added to it then I had my first sale!!!
So Check it out :) 

Oh and a tip.. The inworld prices are cheaper ;p

Spinal Tap!!

Just in time for the New year are the SPINAL TAP Booties in some kickass colors for your partying pleasure!! 9 Different color sets to these. With a BLACK base.
The come with the DemotiK Customizing H.U.D Which allows you to match ANY Solid color skin out there.

20 different nailpolish colors!!

13 preset skin colors Including a couple *Unusual colors* (Editable)

3 save slots for saving your favorite skin colors in!!

And of course they are MOD!! As 99% of our stuff is. :)

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Freebies and other Resources for new players

Several times a day I hear on assorted group chats.. I have a friend who is new and needs  skin/shape/hair/shoes/clothes/AO etc. And each group has their own note card collections they pass around.  But heres my list of places I usually recommend.

Savoir Hair (Male & Female) many styles to pick from
Analog Dog (Female) Look for spheres on the beach
Black Maria  (Male & Female) Punk/Mowhawke styles
Vignette  (Female) assorted styles ALL are free!
Vanity Designs  (Female) Have a wall with some fatpacks free
Savoir Hair (Male & Female) many designers & styles
 Alli & Ali (Male & Female & Facial & Pubic hairs) Join the group its WORTH it, a couple freebies a week, they have several 1$L's on the marketplace, TONS of MM boards ALL Over the grid and you can get a master list at ANY store of all their MM Board sites and what hair is on them.

Darkerside (Female) Usually has a style or 2 and cheapies, MM board too.

Viginette In Her Shoes  (female) whole store is free
Duh!  (Male & Female) always several free & dollarbie pairs and even their full prices shoes are MAJORLY affordable.
Sole Sisters (Female) ALL WHITE pairs are a1$l

The Free Dove (Male & Female) wide variety
The Gnubie Store 
Enky's DollarStore
FabFree HeadQuarters (Male & Female) Wide variety including hair, clothes, shoes and more.

Dominion Gratis

For a more up to date list join the Fabulously Free in SL group and get the free and cheap AO's list from the notices!
Bright Corp  (Male & Female) this is the BEST AO HUD around ito me and I STILL use it. not only does it handle your avatar walk/run it comes ready with facial animations, a hug and other cool stuff. Only comes with a basic walk but its easy to customize and add to.
Oracul (Male & Female & Children) Often have a freebie or two around AND when your ready to buy animations to add to your AO this is the CHEAPEST Place to get them with good quality.

Cybernetic (Male & Female) 1$l skins
Vive9 (Female) The store itself is closed but you can still get the skins  here.
Frick (Female) Dont always have freebies but they do have a lucky board and upstairs they have skin/shape combos for 30$L
a piece of candy (Female) 2nd floor some clothing also
Beauty Avatar  (Male & Female) 10$L area skins/shapes/clothing

Gothic Clothing : Lapointe & Bastchild (Male & Female) has a HUGE selection of freebie/dollarbies both of clothing shoes & jewelry.
Gorean Freebie Market Silks, Armor, Midevil & Gor related
Grendels Children   Loads of FANTASY Avatars, skins & AO's often included.
Gothic & Ainime & Japaneese:  Barerose Have a large pile of freebie/dollarbies and their full price stuff is still SUPER reasonable. 140-200$l for FULL outfits of exceptional quality.
Barerose 10$ store wide variety of basic clothing items.
Swashbucklers Village Medevil stuff & MM boards and more scattered about the sim

Sunday, December 5, 2010

New Gatcha!

You can't miss the new twisted krissmus GATCHA  15$L per try there are 9 pairs of gloves you can win, they match the Burnt Velvet cloak & Boots set Put out on Saturday, November 27, 2010. And thats it for now :)

And even more twisted!!

And the Gothic ruffle boots that match the cloaks, with fur trim and wicked heels :)

Twisted Part 2

A Simple socktopped Mens ankle boot, leather strapping with studs around the ankle and a warm comfy sock top to keep out the chill. 

TWISTED KRISSMUS has arrived!!

Twisted Krissmus is finally here!
A holiday shopping tour, put on by Second Life creators who want to make the holidays more awesome than they might have been for many. It runs December 4 - December 30. Keeping each gift item to 100 or less and making them trans/mod for giving encourages gift giving..

So far we have 12 items up (MORE COMING!) ALL are MOD/TRANS so you can give them as gifts!
 Satin ruffled into classic gothic gathers adorn the outer layer of this cloak and heavy black velvet the inner lining, to keep you warm on cold winters nights, a soft fur trimmed hood ties under your chin with a beautiful clasp. The jeweled clasps center jewel has 9 different gem options.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Haven't been on allot this month and I'm sorry for that, but allots been going on in RL was in the hospital for a bit, Ive been sick off and on and my eldest moved out and we spring cleaned the apartment. Then Thanksgiving. Now I'm busting to try and get all Decembers hunt gifts done and to be able to have a good selection of Twisted Krissmuss items too.

Plus Kira was a sweetheart and got me a larger shop so I have more space!
I am still looking for better exterior textures though so please bear with me for now.
I did however decorate the interior Just a bit! lol.

There are a couple of xmas freebies upstairs.

I have gotten a couple of new items out though
I am working on the gloves still but the Cloaks & Boots are done!!
In Burnt Heavy Velvet to fend off the fall & winter chill!
With Black fur super soft trim, heavy velvet for warmth. The cloaks have a gemmed clasp in which the center gem has 9 options.  Just click it for a menu

Friday, October 15, 2010

Doomie Bears!!

Yea so I got tired of being slammed daily in my gothy groups with dollies, so I made my own version of a cute holding critter. Doomie!! You get 2 versions in each box, a sitting and standing version, BOTH have the Holding animation so you can carry her around with you. Or if you have the prims decorate with her, but she is prim intensive but oh so gruesome looking!!
*UPDATE* Unfortunatly I have had to pull the Doomie Bears. 
 I dunno what SL's deal is lately. But i'm pretty annoyed with it. First it was 2 out of the 5 horrorfest items I made, now the doomie bears,  SL keeps changing perms on items i've made. 
ticks me off cause I even made the animation pose for the bear. So there shouldnt be any issue like this happening to start with. But SL refuses to let me change the perms no matter what I do. I had planned to have one of the bears in this weeks Steals & Deals, but had to put another item up since the vendors won't sell them, with the messed up perms.  WTF?!?!


Victorian Gallies Embossed

My latest inspiration for boots are the Victorian Gallies, The word Gallies is a victorian slang term for boots so it made the perfect name!! I Have broken my usual pledge to use as few scripts as possible and made one pair that has color changing ruffles on a black boot body for more versitility.
I present you the Embossed versions.. The velvet versions will be along soon!!

Quoted from horrorfest blog" Horrorfest is a fortnight long horror themed event to be held the last two weeks in October showcasing all that is on the darkside of SL. It will feature all sorts of good stuff, a hunt, burlesque dancers, DJ events, and much much more! End Quote

We are PROUD to take part in  horrorfest. And hope that it will be a HUGE Success, as a parent I have been battling for years against bullies with school systems, buisnesses and more as a parent with special needs children and one who is a goth. 
The charity behind Horrorfest is Sophie Lancaster Foundation please take a moment to go to their site and read about their goals. 

Sine we WANT You to go to the festivities I will no post any photos of the 4 items we have created for this. You must go see them for yourselves. lol. 
However I will give you a direct link to our booth   Keep in mind there are tons of booths and activities to see.  
Please remember that this is a highly populated event and to please descript/deprim as much as possible. Even I took off my tail to try and keep it as lag free as possible. 


Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Comming soon!! Halloween Freebie Fair

Now this doesn't start till the Fair is from 10/17 to 10/31  so no rushing over there just yet. lol.
Most of the merchents havent set up yet but im posting this before the notecard gets burried in my inventory or SL Eats it.
 And suddenly my browser wont let me upload photos.. gah!! And I thought only SL Was bad.
 Well anyhow each merchent puts put 2 items and has a Landmark giver to their main store. One item is a freebie and one is a full priced item.
Well for our freebie I have a pair of witch pasties, I will try to edit the post later and post the photo.
SLURL to DemotiK's Spot Here

Spidey Woman!

In the spirit of halloween I give you the SPIDEY WOMAN boots, The photos dont show the webbed detail on the boot itself very well, but super sticky web is hanging between the heel and boot and is crawling with creepy spiders!! The metal skull laceholders make a nice dark touch.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Bats & Cats

New Hunt starts on the 1st, this ones called Bats & Cats

One hunt with two paths! 120  shops with Halloween/Samhain/fall/harvest gifts!!!

BAT PATH – all gifts will be full perm: textures, sculpts tutorials
CAT PATH – all gifts will NOT be full perm: These are finished builds, clothing, accessories and the like

We are in the Cat Path and heres the photos

Friday, September 17, 2010

Digi Legs arrival!!

So I got sick and tired of never being able to find a GOOD set of hooved digi legs that were Mod. I am probably a merchants worst nightmare the customer that buys things to mod. LOL. But you know there is a reason I Prefer to be a shape-changing Demon! I cannot stand to look the same all the time. Some days I want hooves, some days i want to wear jewelry on my ankles.. so why cant I do both?? After finally finding sculpty digi legs that satisfied my pickyness.. And now I can build my own and share them with my customers too!!

So here come the first batch!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

What...... fruit? Are you nuts!

today i give you the High stepper boots in 6 fruity colors.. LOL. Yes a bit out of the ordinary for me I know but what can I say. The textures begged to be used.