Friday, October 15, 2010

Doomie Bears!!

Yea so I got tired of being slammed daily in my gothy groups with dollies, so I made my own version of a cute holding critter. Doomie!! You get 2 versions in each box, a sitting and standing version, BOTH have the Holding animation so you can carry her around with you. Or if you have the prims decorate with her, but she is prim intensive but oh so gruesome looking!!
*UPDATE* Unfortunatly I have had to pull the Doomie Bears. 
 I dunno what SL's deal is lately. But i'm pretty annoyed with it. First it was 2 out of the 5 horrorfest items I made, now the doomie bears,  SL keeps changing perms on items i've made. 
ticks me off cause I even made the animation pose for the bear. So there shouldnt be any issue like this happening to start with. But SL refuses to let me change the perms no matter what I do. I had planned to have one of the bears in this weeks Steals & Deals, but had to put another item up since the vendors won't sell them, with the messed up perms.  WTF?!?!


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