Monday, April 12, 2010

. The store has moved! Not to fear though it hasn't moved far. We are still in the same SIM only down a couple of stores. A larger building came open with more prims and we took the upgrade!! So update your LM's please the new SLURL   New store site
Beastly Teeth Every good Demon can use a set of nice sharp teeth! Don't mistake these for vamp fangs. No these are Beastly teeth ALL of them are SHARP! Not just the fangs, And it has a built in Random smile script so it smiles for you, no need to remember to push a button on a hud. AND the script is adjustable. Set how often you flash your fangy smile. 

Celtic Cross

Celtic CrossA large combo set.  2 armbands, collar, belt and earrings. The points on the cross and gem in the center change colors with the included Colorchange HUD. 

Opal Boots

More boots inspired by a friend: The Opal Boots