Friday, May 18, 2012

Ishara loves to dance!

There are  2 new midnight mania type boards up in the store.. One for petites, one for minikin mesh avatars, the original MM board has shoes that can be for both.
In these new boards are colors ONLY going to be offered through the  MM boards..

And those are Ishara Silks!!
The green will ONLY be available through the MM board, since its my least favorite color. lol

4 other color available for purchase though! In rich colors. For Minikins & Petites !!

A pair of boots redone to use with minkins/petites.

More goth fair!

Still more goth fair stuffs!!

The match the button detailing on the souless outfits, And the seranade comb also matches these.
A pretty pair of heels with prim feet, customizing hud for matching skintones and 20 nail polish colors

And last but definaly not least. A Wedding ring set!!
A bit of goth flair but modern at the same time, Exquisite filigreed metal
and square cut gemstones.
Even comes with the display box if you have the prims to display your set in your home..

Goth Fair Ho!

Yea... so i figured everyone was being swamped by announcements about world goth day.
So I would wait. lol.   So here it is finally!!

   The exclusive outfit! while I am making more of these, you will only find the grey silk peasant top at the goth fair!!

Then still for charity A matching set for man & woman, the Souless set. For Petites!! A mix of mesh & Prims with exquisite attention to detail.

The Souless set will be available in the store AFTER the goth fair is over.

Also a gatcha. For Collinsguarde collars. inspired by watching one of the recreations of the dark shadows tv series (A remake done in the 90's for one season)  A georgeous metal filigree collar with lace trim, that holds a cameo surrounded by gems.
At the goth fair booth and gatcha tent on dark eternity.

At the Fair only 2 colors are available.. Grey & Brown.. More colors available at the mainstore!!