Friday, May 18, 2012

Goth Fair Ho!

Yea... so i figured everyone was being swamped by announcements about world goth day.
So I would wait. lol.   So here it is finally!!

   The exclusive outfit! while I am making more of these, you will only find the grey silk peasant top at the goth fair!!

Then still for charity A matching set for man & woman, the Souless set. For Petites!! A mix of mesh & Prims with exquisite attention to detail.

The Souless set will be available in the store AFTER the goth fair is over.

Also a gatcha. For Collinsguarde collars. inspired by watching one of the recreations of the dark shadows tv series (A remake done in the 90's for one season)  A georgeous metal filigree collar with lace trim, that holds a cameo surrounded by gems.
At the goth fair booth and gatcha tent on dark eternity.

At the Fair only 2 colors are available.. Grey & Brown.. More colors available at the mainstore!!

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