Saturday, November 27, 2010

Haven't been on allot this month and I'm sorry for that, but allots been going on in RL was in the hospital for a bit, Ive been sick off and on and my eldest moved out and we spring cleaned the apartment. Then Thanksgiving. Now I'm busting to try and get all Decembers hunt gifts done and to be able to have a good selection of Twisted Krissmuss items too.

Plus Kira was a sweetheart and got me a larger shop so I have more space!
I am still looking for better exterior textures though so please bear with me for now.
I did however decorate the interior Just a bit! lol.

There are a couple of xmas freebies upstairs.

I have gotten a couple of new items out though
I am working on the gloves still but the Cloaks & Boots are done!!
In Burnt Heavy Velvet to fend off the fall & winter chill!
With Black fur super soft trim, heavy velvet for warmth. The cloaks have a gemmed clasp in which the center gem has 9 options.  Just click it for a menu