Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Petite Lingerie FTW!

Newest release is a Set called the Satin & Lace Cami Set, A georgeous set of Satin overlaid with lace, in a 3 piece set. Cami/Panties/Stockings.
Please forgive the full length stockings, the mesh layer allows the toes to stick out, i couldn't find a fix for this. Yabu would need to fix the original mesh template. But i included them anyhow for those who would wear flat shoes. Or could overlookd it.

These come in all sorts of combos not shown in the pictures.
Just stockings
just panties
just cami
pantie/stocking combo
cami/pantie/stockings with no feet (for use with boots)
Cami /Pantie/stocking with feet

Also Mini's & Fatpack.. For savings when you buy more then one! In 6 great colors!!

July Hunt giftys

First off previews of the hunt prizes you can find in the store right now!

Opps this photo is missing something the gift is available for both NORMAL avatars & PETITES. Something i will do from now on unless its a petite only hunt.