Monday, March 3, 2014

Cant beat a 10L$ deal??

The first week of the Cart Sale event is just about up and if you haven't been there to check out the fab deals. Then your missing out!! Heres what we have.  10L$ each!!

Here is a fun outfit, a bit early I Know, but a must have for your summer wardrobe.!! Its ALL rigged Mesh, And you have a bikini, a tank dress AND a sheer black lace coverup which can be worn over both. 

A load of stuff for guys!!  a note to add. ALL these pieces can be worn together!! They layer great.
first is a worsted wool pant for the guys.  in 4 colors. A nice dressier pant. 

Then the double vests, the outer vest is a lovely soft supple Suede, and the inner vest is a warm colorful wool! Sterling silver buttons and chain complete these.

And the shirts, Bold Striped dress shirts give flair to any outfit.