Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Comming soon!! Halloween Freebie Fair

Now this doesn't start till the Fair is from 10/17 to 10/31  so no rushing over there just yet. lol.
Most of the merchents havent set up yet but im posting this before the notecard gets burried in my inventory or SL Eats it.
 And suddenly my browser wont let me upload photos.. gah!! And I thought only SL Was bad.
 Well anyhow each merchent puts put 2 items and has a Landmark giver to their main store. One item is a freebie and one is a full priced item.
Well for our freebie I have a pair of witch pasties, I will try to edit the post later and post the photo.
SLURL to DemotiK's Spot Here

Spidey Woman!

In the spirit of halloween I give you the SPIDEY WOMAN boots, The photos dont show the webbed detail on the boot itself very well, but super sticky web is hanging between the heel and boot and is crawling with creepy spiders!! The metal skull laceholders make a nice dark touch.