Monday, July 5, 2010

My LATE :D Holiday Contribution

I know its the day after the 4th of  july, I'm slow darnit!

LOL Actually wanted to give something usefull for this time of year but I am not totally finished with the invisaprim version of these yet so i'm gonna offer the Viewer 2 ONLY Version for 44 hours at a stupidy sharply discounted price of 45L$. Yep a 255$ discount.   Now these will ONLY WORK ON VIEWER 2.0 OR the most recent COOL VIEWER or the EMERALD 2270 BETA viewers. 
 I love these things each ring can be a different color if you wish. There are 4 texture choices of the metal.. Silver (my fav) Gunmetal, and 2 shades of gold. 
20 different fingernail colors, I am still working on adding much darker shades and possibly in the future custom shades with pictures.  

Theres a special vendor in the store next to the lucky chair with these. 

And in the MM Board for the duration of the special is a lip piercing with a low target of 75. 

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