Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Phoenix Viewer, emerging from the ashes it seems

Yea I know EVERYONE Has heard about the recent Emerald viewer scandal. you can't NOT Have heard lol. Now normally I don't post about things not store related but I feel this is important enough.

Now I am not gonna preach and tell you which viewer you should use. After all viewer preference is about what YOU like best. Not what everyone else likes/dislikes.

Me all I'm gonna do is encourage you to look up the FACTS from OFFICAL RELIABLE sources. 

Wanna try the new phoenix viewer which is much of the OLD emerald team minus the questionable code, and minus the devs who were behind the scandal..  

The have a inworld channel also with the new name with many of the old help staff many of us are familiar with. Phoenix Viewer Support is its name.

other associated links
Phoenix Wiki:    http://www.phoenixviewer.com:3000/projects/phoenixviewer/
Phoenix Jira:    http://dev.phoenixviewer.com:8080/secure/Dashboard.jspa

As of today the Phoenix Viewer is on the TPVD list  so is emergence another decent alternative but it wont be updated.

Offically tomorrow Emerald will be blocked from logging into SL 
This doesn't mean that people will be banned. its just their emerald viewers will not be able to log in.
So they will have to find another option.. I am SOoooooooooo   sick of hearing people panic screaming that there gonna be banned.. ugh. the sheep mentality of people never ceases to amaze me.
Almost as bad as the gal in one group today that said Emerald ruined her network card. o.O
I'm not embaressed to say I wet my pants (Slightly) I laughed so hard.

Moral of my post?

DON"T BE A SHEEP!!!!!!!!!  Make your own decisions based on Facts not someones dimwitted half baked doom stories.

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