Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Petites & Minkins Oh My!!

So I've joined the Petite Kraze, sorta. lol I prefer using the Minikin Avatar from Caverna Obscura Myself.
Despite it not being as feature rich as any of the others. It was free ;p
The face has a better shape and its eyes aren't funky, its scripted so you can turn off the hands and feet so those don't take up attachment points.

But it had downsides also.  The petites made by yabu come with a very few facial features, and 3 different shaped hands, AND loads more people make things for them.  And there are male petites.

The biggest differences that bug me though are not something everyone would notice, only clothing creators, See thanks to the lack of minikin clothing, I have FINALLY started using the loads of templates I have been collecting over the years, And the fact that my son has convinced me that photo shop isn't the evil nemesis I always thought it was. While I plugged along in my old paintshop pro7.

So your gonna see clothing in the store!! Petite/Minikin for sure. Biggie.. i dunno there already a glut of normal clothing stores. but maybe.

Anyhow back to the differences, the hugest differences is in the mesh clothing templates.. Both creators offer free full perm templates, but here is where Yabuskas excel, see mesh doesn't layer well at ALL.  unless you layer it before you upload it into SL and apply it to the mesh. Yabuskas templates can be unlinked for loads of options, tanks, shorts, briefs, the hoof cut pants. so you can make clothing that can be mixed and matched with other outfits.
The Minikin mesh templates don't work this way. they however come with sock and glove meshes where yabus dont.
But next couple of posts will be what ive made so far :)

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