Tuesday, May 20, 2014

SLink & tangos

I caved.. finally.  although I have been wearing the SLink hands/feet since I bought them. The breasts I have not.  And more confessions I didn't buy lolas tangos either. I got vString Revolutions Petites from Violet Studios.  They weren't on the marketplace when I checked but you can get them inworld.
See I WON'T lay out that kind of money without trying a demo. Call me picky, a penny pincher etc. And after a discussion online about the mesh breasts i went and tried a couple.
And decided the vString Revolutions Petites was for me. One they are the SMALLEST size that Violet offers. I am not into the monster boobs. But these were fitted mesh!! has 3 shapes in the pack, cute, melon and puffy, have a couple of piercings, for those unclothed times. Physics also. So they can bounce. lol
And the final seller for me. work with the tango appliers.
So yes start expecting to see some clothing with tango appliers. Possibly even the Petite items.

As for the hands/feet. I have applied for the kits for nails, though I might apply for shoes too. But right now all the full perm SLINK shoe kits are hella expensive and I don't make that much with my store to justify it. But if I can finally get over my fear of blender maybe I'll start making my own. And charging my own ungodly prices. lol

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