Saturday, May 7, 2011

Catching up

Bad me for not updating the blog when needed. Anyone who has gotten inworld advertising knows I have been having health and computer issues lately. Half of which are over. Still having computer issues but a well placed boxfan has that under control for now till i can buy a new CPU cooler.


Sadly the time for these lovelys to be in the MM board is over but there still in the store if you wanna purchase them!!

For the magic practioner in us all. lol I give you the Urban Voodoo Princess boots!!
Keep your voodoo dollies on your person with these boots!! And still stay fashionable.

And perfect for spring when you don't wanna go totally bare just yet so keep the socks for now!!. Or just wanna add that bit of extra color to an outfit. Skully foldover Boots.

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