Saturday, May 7, 2011

Spinal Fusion Ankle

Well SL is being very bad lately. I Have 3-4 releases done but not packaged and photographed. Seems everytime I try to get them ready for release SL freaks out and wont let me upload or somesuch thing. But I did get these packaged finally after a week of trying.

For the badgirl in us all who just loves lots of Hard cold metal! And loads of buckles. With that hint of evil looking spinal column heels. Here is the ankle boot version of the Spinal fusion boots. A fusion of many styles, buckles & laces, straps and metal.

Catch them in the first week and you get a 50$L DISCOUNT from the usual price!! 
AND 1 pair is on the MM board for a limited time!  BUT I'm not telling which pair so you gotta go to the store to find out! :P

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