Saturday, October 15, 2011

Sorry its been so long since this pages been updated. See my computer died, and all my  passwords are complicated enough I cannot remember them all. SO I FINALLY got the BF to pull my Harddrive and put it into his computer so I could access my stuff.  So heres a HUGE UPDATE of whats been released..

One of the items created recently is the Beauty Ballet Slipper. A beautiful simple Velvet Ballet shoe with just a hint of goth from the skull adorning the toe, It comes with DemotiK Shoe H.U.D. which allows you to customize the prim foot parts to match your skin exactly. And has 3 spaces to save your favorite skin tones in.  Plus as with ALL our creations they are mod.  They come in 8 Stunning colors or  you can buy the fatpack. 

Then there is the Oval Belly Ring. Available in 3 different metal textures, each one comes with 9 gem options by touching the stone.. Or you can buy the fatpack.. Available in Antique gold, silver or gunmetal. 

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