Saturday, October 15, 2011

Spooky you & DemotiK

Wow False Imako did a fab job of throwing this together in a week!! This is where you wanna go for your halloween needs! Every booth offers halloween trick or treats ranging from 1-10$L. And boy are some of these spectacular. We have several offerings as treats 3 dollarbies..
And a few speciality halloween items.

We have our Halloween themed Vodoo boots.
The socks come in halloween knits.

Then some Silk short cloaks. With high vampy like collars. 

Then the most fun of them all. I saw these shoes and had to do something cool with em.
The franken boots and heartkeeper boots.  Both come with animated lightning heels, pictures cant seem to capture how cool it looks,  And the heartkeepers also have a beating blood dripping heart, how cool is that!!

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